Thursday, October 20, 2011

Around Vietnam on Vespa (Jan - 2012)

   The Scooterist - Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012 will begin on TET Holiday. What do you thing if we have the Scooter Rally in TET holiday – very special time in Vietnam. We can taste local foods and special TET’s foods, meet Vespa friends around Vietnam, find out about how they live, how is the TET tradition, feel the friendship and first of all we can conquer the Vietnam road. Will start the new year by an adventure with Vespa friends. So what are you waiting now?  Enjoy with us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1st day – 4th Tet Holiday: Sai Gon – Da Lat (270 km)
Go soon to Dalat. Riding safely can help us don’t have any problems with the Polices. Stay one night in Dalat, we can enjoy the Tet Holiday in here. I think Dalat is very nice in Spring, flowers is awesome, and especially can taste rural food – Bánh Căn. You know, can’t eat Banh Can at anywhere in Vietnam like here. Drinking coffee at small shop in the old Street…..
Đà Lạt city
2ndday – 5th Tet Holiday: Da Lat – Nha Trang (150km)

In the early morning, riding to conquer new mountain pass road, we can touch the sky and clouds. Sky besides sea, It’s so amazing and freedom. I think we can have a lot of cool pictures about this road. At Dien Khanh, stop in Đá Nguyễn’s home, take a break, enjoy with hospitable in here.
Goodbye Nha Trang, Scooter rally after 220km, we will be in Quy Nhơn. Stay one night in here to take part in with Bình Định vespa’s friends.
Nha Trang city
3rd day – 6th Tet Holiday: Quy Nhon – Da Nang (320km)
Take a break, recover the heath, check your vespa for sure in the next road, and have one night to enjoy with Da Nang vespa’s friends.

4th day – 7th Tet Holiday: Da Nang – Dong Hoi (340km)

Goodbye Da Nang, climb to Hai Van mountain pass, through Huế, Quảng Trị. Take a break one night in Đồng Hới city. We will meet vespa’s friends in here. Đá Nguyễn knows a lot Vespa’s friends here in Internet, but never meet them before. Hope we can meet in the real life.
  5th day– 8th Tet Holiday: Dong Hoi – Thanh Hoa – Ha Noi (520km)
We will intend to go by Ho Chi Minh road or go by Highway road. Ho Chi Minh road is nice but not safe (My friends share about informations). I will check some roads first and confirm later for sure. In Thanh Hoa, We have Nem Chua – Girl rides Super in facebook, hope we can meet her and have a good memories when we be here.
The road from Thanh Hoa to Hanoi is short and nice. Hope be in Hanoi soon, we can have more break time. Make sure for the vespa will be fine in the next road. And come to Hong garden to meet vespa’s friend in here. Go to eat local foods in Hanoi. Some special foods just only have in here such as: Trang tien ice-cream, Chả cá Lã Vọng, Cốm Làng Vòng, Café in Old Street…
6th day – 10th Tet Holiday: Ha Noi – Vinh Yen – Viet Tri – Tuyen Quang – Ha Giang (300km)
The road is the same with a lot road we have been. But the Mountain pass is higher and more sloping. We have to ride safely and slowly. Stay one night in Ha Giang. (rally)

7th day – 11th Tet Holiday: Ha Giang – Sapa (350km) 

Go to Sapa in the early morning. “Do what you want in here!”. We can go to Kermis – a special market in Tay bac area, see house on stilts, drink local wine and foods of ethnic minority. I hope it will be special memories in our life.
I don’t know what we will do next, just ride and feel it.
Vespa for rent: 30$/ 1day.
Gas in Vietnam: 1$ can buy 1 liter gas (ride 40km).
Room: We share together, nearly 15$/1day (24 hours).


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