Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lambretta club of the month

A new feature this, where I highlight a Lambretta owners club from around the world. To kick us off, I go to the spiritual home of the Lambretta, Italy. Liguria in fact, the coastal region of north west Italy famous for it’s beautiful beaches, and picturesque little towns, and (altthough I must say most of Italy is famous for this) it’s great food.

Liguria is also home to the historic city and seaport of Genoa. You can probably tell, although a proud Scotsman, I am a bit of an Italiaphile, even wearing the country’s tricolour on my bash hat.

So, Lambrettistas, for my first Lambretta Club of the month I bring you The Lambretta Club of Liguria. There’s some great stuff on the website, pics and videos of their various get togethers and events, they even have an annual “Innocenti Day”. But my favourite part has to be what is usually the dullest part of the website… the part where they list the committee – as each of the committee has a caricature of them, astride their Lambretta of course, by the very talented Federico. Great illustrations!  

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