Friday, November 11, 2011

Meet Filipino vespa riders in Sai Gon

The Scooterist | Two vespa riders from Phillippines come to VietNam for a tour with Vietnam Vespa Adventure - they alway do the same tour, make the same boring thing. I had a chance to meet-up and make friend.

Our vintage vespas.
Meet up friends from Phillippines

Filipino vespa riders
Abet Rana
bike lane at Phú Mỹ bridge, the most beautiful bridge in Saigon

breathtaking view from the Phú Mỹ bridge
a quick street food stop by the bridge

It's sea-food time!
Filipino vespa member card.
Sai Gon vespa riders.


  1. You guys didn't look bored at all. Lovely atmospheric pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Sonjam.
    Stay connect and if have a change to visit Vietnam, i'll take care of you.
    Greeting from Vietnam, The Scooterist

  3. I love your helmets! I'm needing a new one. My moped is red, so I love the white ones and the red striped. Where can I find these? What brand are they? Please email me at Happy traveling!

  4. It's a local product, and i custom it look like Ruby helmet.