Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One day i'll travel around the world on Vespa

The Scooterist  | Image re-blogged from Leriche classics blog
First, i must finish the tour Around Vietnam on Vespa on Jan 2012.
Then Vietnam - Lao - Cambodia.


  1. how many days/kms. to complete the Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia ride? ;)

  2. hi Abet,
    Do u remember mr Tư Trung, the vespa mechanist? he and his team had rode around VN-Lao-Campodia. That tour is amazing. I'll ask him clearly, then i send u by email.

  3. hey Abet,he had rode in 2 weeks, budget around 1000$. On the normal road, he rode around 300km/day.