Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vietnam Scooter Calendar 2012

The Scooterist | Scooter Calendar 2012 design for scooterists in Vietnam. Yesterday, they launch this! So proud to showcase.

Source: vespafriends.com


  1. Very nice pics! We are working on our swedish calendar now, but it won't be out for a few months since it's based on the riding season here in Sweden and therefore runs from April to March.

  2. Hi bro,
    I just finish the trip Around Vietnam on vespa. I meet some vespa riders in Hanoi, Vietnam. They have another vespa calender 2012. I 'll post pictures soon. :D

  3. I love my country Vietnam, and I want to share this hidden beauty to international friends. Welcome to the country and people of Vietnam visa vietnam

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