Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012 - Day 1: Saigon - DaLat

Me, The Scooterist
My dear Qskulls, who shoot all pics and made video.
Our trip "Around Vietnam on vespa 2012" started in Jan 26, 2012.
Here're some pics from the first day we ride, Saigon to Dalat (280km). A GS in a group had many problems so we went late, and change the stop, that must be Nha Trang.
Our helmet
4am, in Hanoi highway, Saigon
Our friend in his VLB
Our breakfast and Vietnamese coffee
A vespa rider from Thailand, Narongchai Konsare.
GS + PX on the way
Nice jean jacket
Bro EE with a Gopro on his helmet.
4 of 6 vespas on the trip. A VBB + PX + GS + PX +  VBC and 1 Vespa Sprint.
My 1967 Vespa Super
Khai, youngest man in group, with his VBB
Quick stop at Bảo Lộc pass, Lâm Đồng province.

Mr Tùng, oldest man in group, with his PX

Qskulls on my helmet.
Hien, a vegan, rode a Vespa Sprint and Khai.
90km to Dalat
and problem again.
In Prenn pass, Da Lat. A very long and high pass. We stayed in Dalat in cold weather, very cold indead.
- Scooter must be perfect before riding.
- Don't ride with the person u know know clearly.
- Must have a leader.
- Ride at time, stop at time.

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