Monday, February 13, 2012

Don Noys - Scooter sport legend (1930 - 2011)

Don on his GT200 at Elvington Sprint in 1965
It is with sadness that yet another Lambretta legend has passed away.
Don Noys who was once described as the fastest Scooterist in the UK after a sprint record he set on a GT200 at Chelveston in 1964 passed away in December 23, 2011 after a long battle against Cancer.

Born in 1930 he ran a shop called Shead Scooters based in Tulse Hill, South London in the 1960’s, his Lambretta dealership eventually went on to become Don Noyes Ltd and right from coming second in the very first British Scooter Road Race in 1960 he was involved in Scooter Sport at the highest level. He took part in record breaking sprints, road races, the Isle of Man Scooter Week and even attempted the wall of death on a Lambretta!

He was also an amateur journalist writing several articles for the motorcycling/scooter magazines of the day. But he was best known for his attempts on the British scooter speed records in 1964 and 1965 on his famous GT200 "Stingray", establishing eight records over this two year period. Don was also instrumental in arranging for the Ancillotti brothers to visit the UK in 1966 for their successful attempts at the speed records.

As far as dealer specials are concerned Don ( along with Ray Collins ) built Six Lambretta Specials called the Noy Stingray to compete in Scooter Scrambles during 1964/65 using both 175cc and 200cc engines. At least two of the Stingrays still exist and are both in the UK.

In 1976 Don Emigrated to New Zealand with his family and later moved to Australia. He settled in Brisbane until he passed away in late December.

Thank Sam for sharing me this story.


  1. don used to service my gt 200 at his shop at crown point south London in cost£210. to buy new in I believe 1960/61 from ketts in new malden

  2. I lived a mile from the shop and always went for a look on Saturdays. This was 1965-7 probably. I had a couple of motorcycles but ended up buying a Lambretta as well. In those days chrome side panels were about as much as you could expect, but Don's shop had all sorts of accessories. He was a real nice guy, I didn't realise he'd gone to New Zealand in 1976, the shop changed to selling car paint. I thought he'd just changed as the sales of Scooters dropped off. Nice site this by the way Da. Well done with it, very interesting.

  3. Thank you for acknowledging my dad, and nice to read the above two comments :o)

  4. In 1963 I bought a Lamberetta tv175 which I loved from Don Noys shop at Crown Point, I couldn't afford to pay cash so Don stood as guarantor for me and as he didn't know me that was a fantastic act of kindness.

  5. Rode an SS180from the Don Noyes shop in Tulse Hill and back across the river to Acton in west London. My mate, the owner, couldn't actually ride, so his dad dropped me off at the shop and it was left to me to ride the Vespa back. Lost his old man in the traffic, so was able to roundly thrash the SS to within an inch of its life?

    Took the Vespa on a bit of a round trip that involved coming off the Hammersmith flyover at over sixty!

    Dropped it off outside my mate's house. Told him to be careful with the machine's very light clutch. As I walked away, I heard the two-stroke engine come to life, then a the engine screamed and then there was a crash. Turning back, my dopey mate was on the deck as was the SS - quite seriously skagged into the bargain. To cut the story short, the SS was never repaired, as the money was not there and scooter insurance wasn't worth the paper it was printed on.

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