Saturday, February 25, 2012

Nicolas @ Italy's Got Talent

He is Nicholas Campobasso, 41 years of Empoli, commonly called the "fletching jig" because of his own stunts while riding a Vespa. The Italian freestyler has managed to win a place among the 48 semifinalists in the program, Italy's Got Talent aired on Channel 5 on Saturday night.

Having joined the semifinalists, commented on his Facebook profile: "First of all thank those who supported me, who has moved with me, who has shown me much love with the endless messages that I have. For me it is already a great victory he had achieved the goal of the semi-finals, because, of the 171 participants who had told the jury "only 48 are passed to the next step" I did it. Now I'm preparing a new show all ready to support me, even if I went in the final would be great. "

Here are his words, answer the interview:

- When did you start?
"I started at 14-15 years in the mid 80s and the wasp was a chance for us guys to be free and independent."

- How many bikes do you have?
"I have wasps in a 7 by 72, a Vespa Sprint Veloce original habitually use to get around. While all others have been modified and adapted them for use during my show. "
- How many drops in your path Stuntman?
"In the beginning, as a young man, falls are part of the game. We always try to go step by step, proceeding in small steps, then falls with experience you can almost always keep them under control. By making some changes in particular know where you may hit nell'imprevisto and then look for as much as possible to limit the damage thanks to the experience. "

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