Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vespa Sprint 09 (aotolube) in Vietnam

This is one of rarely Vespa Sprint 09 (autolube) in Vietnam. New owner had spent 1 year to ask the lastest owner sell it. There are 3 models of Vespa sprint which Vietnamese people like much: Vespa Sprint 04, Vespa Sprint 09 and Vespa Sprint 016.
Vespa collectors in Vietnam just like original vespa, or this must be rarely in Vietnam. They like Vespa Sprint 04 (Vespa S) because it's the first model of Vespa Sprint. Vespa Sprint 016 have 3 windows in the cylinder. And how about Vespa Sprint 09?

It's an autolube Vespa Sprint model, manufactured for American market. It's rarely than VNB in Vietnam.
Here are some pictures of Vespa Sprint 09 in Vietnam.


  1. The seat of the 09 Sprint in those pictures above is not the original one. And about the Sprint 016, you should say it has 3 windows in the cylinder is more exactly, hehe

  2. Hì, em đâu nói nó zin hết đâu anh. Cám ơn anh về vụ 3 lỗ, em đã chỉnh sửa. Hình như anh Nam cũng chạy xe CD?