Monday, March 12, 2012

Eibar Lambretta Factory

   Sadly in 1971/2 the Innocenti factory closed it doors, as the then owners BMC decided Lambretta scooters were a gimmick and that production of cars was more important. It is quite sad to note, that between four to five years around this period, the people in charge of BMC have been reported to make strange decisions regarding the car market in the UK, which many historians consider to be the start of the demise of the British car manufacturers as well as the Italian Lambretta!
   After Innocenti closed its doors for making two and three wheeled products, the factory was sold lock stock and barrel the Indian government, who set up Scooters India Limited. SIL still survives today, but only producing three wheeled products. Even SIL stopped production of two wheeled Lambrettas around 1998.
   The Spanish factory Eibar also continued long after the demise of Innocenti, building Lambrettas and Servetas in to the late 1980's. The Innocenti factory as it stands in 1995, most of the factory has been demolished and has apartments built on it, but some of the car producing factories, main gates, Centro Studi, the research and design building for Innocenti and other small buildings remain, most are due to be flattened.

Some old pictures in Eibar Lambretta Factory.


  1. the first photo isn´t the Lambretta factory, is the bicicle´s factory of GAC