Friday, April 13, 2012

Northweald Sprint 1965

The Scooterist | I dont know what exactly "Northweald Sprint 1965" mean. Is it a scooter rally or racing show? I found three cool pictures from Panoramicpete from Flickr. Let's see it:

trip trap northweald sprint 1965

vespa northweald sprint 1965

lamberetta northweald sprint 1965

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  1. Hi .
    The cut down Vespa was fitted with a GS 180cc engine, the frame had been used by the Luton Vespa Club to compeat in the Scooter Scrambles organised by the Bats Scooter Club held at Elstead Surrey. When Scooter Scrambling Finished we removed the 150 cc engine, cut the frame down even further, and fitted the GS engine to go sprinting.

    The work was carried out in my mothers front room, she never knew or ever found out. The bike was not a great sucsses as my co rider fell off half way down the sprint strip, after an enthusiastic gear change put him into a wobble. I managed to explode the clutch by over reving the engine on the start line.