Friday, June 15, 2012

Daily photo

Me and my vespa in a trip to Vung Tau beach, June 9, 2012

It is June 2012, 2 years i fall in love with Vespa. I bought my first Vespa in June 2010. The more i got problem with my vespa, the more i know it clearly, more confidence to ride. Now i can go to everywhere i want with it.

My life changed after i buy my vespa. I meet a lot of friends, have same passion. I shoot pictures. Trying to enrich my English skills (not good now). Discovering my beautiful country, Vietnam... I know a lot of vespa riders in the world hating Vietnam beacause they had bought a bad scooter in VN. Yup, it is true. I know them, i know a street only made vespa for export, because we all know it's bad, we dont buy.
I wonder: why you guys still buy vespa from here after a lot of Warning? Why did you buy a scooter without frame and engine number? And one sentence i want to talk with you: Don't ever buy a scooter from here, if you cant see, touch and ride to check.

But we have a different world, we still have good scooters, still have good mechanics, and a lot of friendly scooterists here, like me. You are all welcome here, bros!

Special thanks to my friends, who supported me very much:
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  1. You got a great thing going on here and you are doing a great job promoting biking through Vietnam. One day I'll get myself there. Keep the posts and pics coming!


  2. Now i can go to everywhere i want with it. ---> Liked this

    p/s: anh xem cái nay chua?

    - Cái này cũng hay nè: