Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chi Vespa mangia le mele

One of the most talked about campaigns in terms of classic motorcycling referred was the one made by Gilberto Filippetti, the company's creative Leader Florence, for the Vespa brand between 1968 and 1971. At that time, Italy breathed new life that gradually transform an agricultural town in an industrial and craftsman, who made ​​youth represent them a new category of transition. And this is where the creative
Vespa into action, young people saw the Vespa as a symbol of the conquest of a new freedom, which was expressed in all aspects of life. 

It was time for the hippies, the "flower children". Recall that we were in the year '68 and the student revolts were in full swing, youth challenged with protest signs for a new freedom. So the new campaign for Vespa, entrusted to Filippetti was based on this concept, decided to start the sentence with "Chi" (who), an innovation that would be widely adopted within Italian advertising that transformed the noun "Vespa" in the verb "vespare" Chi Vespa mangia he mele (chi non Vespa not). Resulting in Vespea who eat the apple ...


The apple, fresh fruit, natural, vivid color and perfect spherical shape, with its ability to evoke the idea of ​​field, sun and freedom, but also its symbolic references in any case, are the basis of the concept of eroticism or love-apple from the forbidden tree and the diabolical scheming snake does eat terrental Eve in Paradise. That said, suggests that the concept was related to the idea of ​​freedom of relationship that young people begin to afford.


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