Wednesday, August 1, 2012

On any Sunday: Hồ Tràm beach

Last weekend, i went to Ho Tram beach with my girlfriend. With me, it's not far enough for a great trip (130km from HCMC), just ride because i didn't ride in a month. So sad that Ho Tram beach isn't beautiful as people told. I even couldn't find a normal hotel to live, no activity at night. So i didn't shoot any pictures in that place.


I left Ho Tram beach soon, didnt want to spend any time for that ugly place. I came back Saigon to meet Nem Chua, the first vespa girl on the way riding through Vietnam.

Me and my girl friend, Qskulls


  1. i love your jacket, is that an standard issue for the military?

    1. Hi bro,
      That's an original Franch military jacket. A gift from my vespa friend in Franch. :D