Sunday, October 14, 2012

Custom Super Cub

Most significant specs:

Engine: YX 150cc SOHC Manual 4 speed
Head: OO racing
Bore & Stroke: 56mm X 60mm
Max power: 22 BHP
Max torque: 13 Nm
Carburettor: Mikuni Round slight 26mm, Uma racing flat slight 28mm
Exhaust: Shipping Tools/SMC
Frame: Custom SMC
Fuel cap: Acqua di Parma
Throttle: Domino
Headlight: Puch, custom SMC fitting
Taillight: Beta, custom SMC fitting
Seat: SMC
Rims: 17 inch spoked steel, front 1.60 & rear 1.85 SMC
Tires. Dunlop TT901 front 80/90-17 & rear 90/80-17
Rear suspension: Racing boy
Front suspension: Stock SMC
Rear sets: Racing boy/SMC
Dry weight: 64 kg

Think of Bonneville salt flat racers, and images of snarling Vincents or twin-engined Triumphs probably spring to mind. You probably don’t picture the anemic Honda Super Cub, the world’s most popular motorcycle. Which makes this little racer from Holland’s Super Motor Company all the more appealing.

SMC’s Dimitri Hettinga sells a remake of the Super Cub in Europe for a living. But this machine, nicknamed ‘Salt Shaker’, is no city runabout. It’s packing a heavily breathed-upon 150cc Yinxiang motor—measuring 22 hp at the rear wheel—plus racing wheels and tires, and a bespoke frame.

There’s a reinforcing tube running from the headstock to the under-seat fuel tank, so this Super Cub is no longer a step-through. The frame was subjected to three days of grinding, polishing and finessing before being painted.

Virtually all the minor components were made from scratch, from the cables to the brakes to the wiring loom. The leather seat was made by an 88-year-old local Grandma. The minimal JAP-style exhaust is another local product, created by a metalworking specialist called Shipping Tools.

Next month, the bike will appear at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, on the stand of SMC’s distributor, Officine Mermaid. And next year, the plan is to take it to Bonneville Speedweek.