Friday, March 30, 2012

Honda S90 Cafe Racer

I am not often post much stuff about motorcycle but these images make me want to share it. This bike itself was made by Island Motorcycles in Bali, Indonesia. Really love it!
A couple months before, i sold my honda 67 with 170$. It can run, but not good as my vespa.
In the past, honda 67 was very popular in Vietnam. Honda (Honda Cub 50, Honda 67...) replaced scooters (Vespa, Lambretta...)

Honda 67 in Vietnam
Honda S90 Cafe Racer from Island Motorcycles

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Modern Malay and Lambretta

These three modern Malay ladies showing off their 'scooter' that they use daily to go to work. The ladies are, from left, Che Mariam binti Jamaluddin, Che Raziah binti Mohamed Dom and Che Habibah Akib. Che Mariam is a school teacher and travels about 10 miles a day to and f from her place of work. Che Raziah is the first Malay girl to ride a scooter in Ipoh in 1957. She works as a stenographer in RIDA. Che Habibah is a telephone operator in Warner Brothers Ltd.

Daily photo

Need to full restored. :D

Monday, March 26, 2012

Another day in Saigon

The Scooterist | So busy today but feel relax when watching new video of Quynh Skulls. She made for Chris and Luci, our vespa riders from UK. Chris is also my customer, i mean Tshirt, not this video :D. View more Qskulls project, take a look at Eclair Joli
Better watch in HD 720p.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Around the world on Vespa in 79 days.

In 1962, a very adventurous youth, Santiago Guillen and Antonio Veciana excited about the film "Around the World in 80 Days", were proposed to perform the same feat.
So that they did something different, they would do on a Vespa, they were called Dulcinea and would soon make the trip one day less than in the novel, 79 days.
In this documentary, we will know everything about this complex and exciting journey. The preparation, financing, on the course and how they got to be on time after traveling the world on the back of Dulcinea.

Enjoy the ride, Scooterists!

Lambretta - The Big Picture

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

With three Vespas through the Fish River Canyon

I'm seeing a picture of a vespa club in Hanoi (Vietnam) bring a Vespa Super to Fansipan, the highest moutain in Indochina. It makes me remember a story i read from internet. Searching Google, luckily i find it.
Here is the story:

Logo of Vespa Expedition 1968 to the Fish River Canyon
Preparations are just about complete when the SWA Administration finally gives the go-ahead for the scooter expedition through the Fish River Canyon. Earlier, the Cape Town Vespa Club had made a bet that some its own members would be the first to take a vehicle through the second largest canyon on earth.

The three scooters were sponsored by Grosvenor Motors, tuned for canyon conditions by the members of the expedition and styled to sport a safari look: a zebra, giraffe and leopard. The names they chose for their Vespas were Veni, Vidi and Vici. “I came, I saw, I conquered”.

The six men knew that the expedition would entail severe exertion and hardship. Therefore intense physical training was a top priority. The members of the expedition no longer drove to work, they walked, and instead of taking elevators they used the staircase. During their weekend training sessions they particularly emphasized practical exercises: they pushed their scooters to the top of steep roads and sand dunes and up the rocky paths of Table Mountain. They practised transporting the vehicles across water in a rubber dinghy; with Vespa exhaust fumes they inflated the dinghy in just two minutes. The means of transportation turned into goods to be transported...

Monday, March 19, 2012

A 1958 VNA in Vietnam

As i told in my old post A 1962 VNB in Vietnam, VNB and VNA are very very rarely in Vietnam. If VNB here you can count in 2 hands, VNA you just can count in 1 hand.
Due to the history, VNA wasnt been imported by goverment, US soldier or anything else to Vietnam. This vespa was a birthday present from a French man to lastest owner. When i saw it, it's still in good condition, most parts were original.
Here are some pictures this after being full restored:

A 1958 Vespa 125

Friday, March 16, 2012

Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012 - Day 6: Hue - Quang Binh

After one funny night with vespa friend in Hue, we cotinued the trip in normal day (no sun, no rain).
The 1 National street in the midle of Vietnam is ok. Not much truck when we rode.
But you guys must becareful  with police. Unlucky, in Quang Binh province, my vespa had problem.
My friends continued riding to Nghe An and stayed there. My vespa came Sài Gòn ( Ho Chi Minh city) by bus.
Me and my girlfriend came to Hanoi by bus.
In Hanoi, we met vespa friends from The Little Vespa Hanoi group. They gave me a vespa to ride around Hanoi.
Some pictures from Hue to Quang Binh province:

Me and my girlfriend in Hue, Quỳnh Skulls. Cinematographer of the trip

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

VESPINAS (a student documentary)

A student documentary about Vespa and how it acts as a lens in seeing in Philippines.
In video you can see Mark Laccay, Uriel Protomartir (2011 President, Vespa Club of the Philippines) and Abet Rana ( I met two of them last year in Vietnam.
View posr here:
Vespa connecting people, right?
Come to Vietnam and i'll take care of you too.

From left: Uriel, Mark Lacay and Abet Rana.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Washing Vespa

Some pictures i wash my vespa (in the sun). Most photos by Qskulls (

Photo by Quynh Skulls. Sai Gon 2012  (before the trip Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012)
Photo by Quynh Skulls. Nha Trang 2011 (Trip: Sai Gon - Nha Trang: 500km)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Eibar Lambretta Factory

   Sadly in 1971/2 the Innocenti factory closed it doors, as the then owners BMC decided Lambretta scooters were a gimmick and that production of cars was more important. It is quite sad to note, that between four to five years around this period, the people in charge of BMC have been reported to make strange decisions regarding the car market in the UK, which many historians consider to be the start of the demise of the British car manufacturers as well as the Italian Lambretta!
   After Innocenti closed its doors for making two and three wheeled products, the factory was sold lock stock and barrel the Indian government, who set up Scooters India Limited. SIL still survives today, but only producing three wheeled products. Even SIL stopped production of two wheeled Lambrettas around 1998.
   The Spanish factory Eibar also continued long after the demise of Innocenti, building Lambrettas and Servetas in to the late 1980's. The Innocenti factory as it stands in 1995, most of the factory has been demolished and has apartments built on it, but some of the car producing factories, main gates, Centro Studi, the research and design building for Innocenti and other small buildings remain, most are due to be flattened.

Some old pictures in Eibar Lambretta Factory.

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I change my domain from  to
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012 - Day 5: Da Nang - Hue

Day 1:
Day 2:
Day 3:

Day 4
We stayed in Da Nang and met some vespa friends here. I and Qskulls had come to Da Nang in Sep-2011 so we know Da Nang clearly. But it rain and we didnt hang out much.

My dear, Quynh Skulls, photographer - video maker of the trip. Alway with me in many trips.

Around Vietnam on Vespa 2012 - Day 3: Nha Trang -> Quy Nhon (by Gopro)

Some pictures from Day 3, shoot by Gopro, very very old model.
I hate riding in the rain. :(
We came to Quy Nhon at 4pm. After that we continued riding to Da Nang at night. We couldnt remember why we had enough healthy to ride 22 hours/ day (in the rain). I dont want to do this again!

Amerivespa 2002

2 years before, when i fall in love with Vespa. I collected a lot of pictures of Vespa from internet, see it everyday and talk to myself  "Someday, i'll have it".
Find out in my old computer, some great pictures of vespa, vespa museum, vespa rally... I dont remember where i found it. So if anyone know, let me know, i'll edit my post.

Full story of author:

Amerivespa 2002 was fantastic!  It should be the standard for planning, organization, teamwork and follow trough.  When a four-day event of this size, over 450 scooters, runs smoothly it makes for a lot of fun!
The diversity of people, themes and scooters at the meets and rides is tremendous.  With a lot to learn about Vespas, I have found these get togethers are a great source of information and tips from very knowledgeable, interesting and sometimes-freaky people.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ape: A success story “Italian style”

Sixty years of success and charm, a vehicle that’s made its name the whole world over, also thanks to its unbeatable versatility. No other commercial vehicle in the world can tell a story like the Ape. This 3-wheeler has always kept in step with the times, putting the working force of Italy on the road.


The Constitution of the Italian Republic is passed, and on the 11th of May Luigi Einaudi is elected President of the Italian Republic.
Gino Bartali wins the Tour de France for the second time and Zatopek and Consolini race to victory in the London Olympics. Oscars go to Vittorio De Sica’s Ladri di biciclette (The Bicycle Thief), Hamlet and Laurence Olivier.
Books published that year include: Menzogna e sortilegio (House of Liars) by Elsa Morante, Don Camillo by Giovanni Guareschi, The Naked and the Dead by Norman Mailer, The Young Lions by Irwin Shaw. Inventions include the LP, the transistor and cybernetics. The per capita income of the Italians is 139,152 Lire.
More and more Vespa scooters are taking to the roads of Italy and Europe: Piaggio produces 19,822, a significant step forward with respect to the 2,464 scooters built in 1946, the year the Vespa was launched. The Italian economy is slowly getting back up to steam, and with it industry, commerce, and the artisan sector. Goods are carried on heavy trucks based on military models, costly commercial vehicles based on automobiles or heavy and slow three-wheeled delivery vans; while in town you can often see tricycles and pushcarts.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gas price increase in Vietnam

Yesterday, gas price in vietnam increase 2,100 VND/1 liter. That means now i must pay 22,900 VND/1 liter (A92) and 23,400 VND/ 1 liter (A95) - 1 USD = 22,000 VND.
I often buy 6 liters and ride in 3 days, so bad, too much money spend for gas.

Seller: How many liter do you want?. Buyer: FULL!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rebuilding a 1967 Vespa 50

My girlfriend have a Vespa 50. She will restore everything: engine, frame, light... and she choose the White color.
Find out on Flickr a Vespa ad of Piaggio. In picture you can see a white Vespa Super and red Vespa 50. Now i have a red Vespa Super and she choose the white color. It's so fun!

It will look like that vespa 50 in Vespamore Blog

Friday, March 2, 2012

A story of love: Vespa and Honda 67

My girl friend, Quynh Skulls (, is shooting a new video for Chris and Luci, my vespa friend from UK. They had lived here for 4 years and fall in love with Saigon. Video coming soon.
Here's the first picture:

Chris and Luci in Saigon
Qskulls wedding blog:

Vespa and Cash for lottery winner.

Find out on Basque Radical Mods some epic pictures.
Vespa and Cash was given to lottery winner in Spain.