Thursday, January 10, 2013

Vietnam on 2 wheels

Saigon 1963 - District 1 Post Office, Circle Lê Lợi st - Pasteur st

Downtown Saigon - Phan Chu Trinh St

Crowds run for cover as troops fire at a distance. Scene in front of the National Defense Headquaters.

More crowds at Cong Ly street

Rex Theater is the most modern in Saigon 
Students who were liberated by the troops were hauled out of the Palace Dungeons by 6 x 6 military trucks and paraded in Saigon

Liberated Students from the Palace Dungeons ride on army trucks and paraded around Saigon shouting and singing
Crowds despersed as Military Police troops arrived to enforce order
More scene at the Legislative Building
Crowds gathered in front of the Legislative Building

Picture taken from balcony of International Night Club where President's special troops took refuge

Scene of my at Le Loi Street, Saigon 
The scene across balcony were most of the tanks and troops in the Coup passed.

Another scene 
Scene at Le Loi as jubilant crowds gather to witness the result of the Coup.

Saigon 1963

Lambretta's, Vung Tau.

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