Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Mountain Ride 2013 (4000km vespa trip): Day 3-4

 Main map of our trip. Riding through Vietnam in 14 national street. (Ho Chi Minh street). PLS NOTE THAT HOANG SA and TRUONG SA ISLAND ARE OFF VIỆT NAM, NOT FUCKING CHINA.

Day 3: KonTum city -> Thạnh Mỹ town (Quang Nam province).

 Morning in front of Trung Nguyen hotel, Kontum city

Visit some beautiful places of KonTum city.

Fixing a small problem of Hin's vespa.

Nice view on 14 national street.

Quick stop to relax. Our vespas are ok. We did it because we thought it's good for engine.

A bridge head to Nam Giang town, 9km to Thanh My town where we stayed by night.
Here is Thanh My town. There is only one gas station is this town. And unlucky, they did monkey business, not enough gas as we paid.

Day 4: Thanh My town -> Hue city.

 Morning is gas station near Thanh My market.

 Road here is in mountain of Vietnam. Before, it's used for war. Now not much people live there so i need more gas for my vespa. The 200cc engine "drink" a lot of gas.

 Hin's vespa had problem.

 A Roằng 1 tunnel.

Gas tank's empty, need more gas.

We're in A Lưới town. Small problem of Hin's vespa became bigger.

We didnt have enough tools and it's Tet holiday in Vietnam, all workshops closed. We must try to ride to Hue, bigger city and have vespa workshop.

Follow No.49 national street, we rode to Hue. The pass was under-contruction, so it's really a bad bad road.

Link to Day 1-2:

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