Friday, March 22, 2013

The Mountain Ride 2013 (4000km vespa trip): Day 5 - 6

Main map of our trip. Riding through Vietnam in 14 national street. (Ho Chi Minh street). PLS NOTE THAT HOANG SA and TRUONG SA ISLAND ARE OFF VIỆT NAM, NOT FUCKING CHINA.

Day 5: Hue city - Khe Sanh town (Quang Tri province).
As normal, when people in Hue, they will ride to Hanoi on No.1 national street or East Ho Chi Minh street. But we want to ride in West Ho Chi Minh street, so i rode to Khe Sanh town (Point F in the map).

Morning in Hue city, in front of the vespa workshop. I was waiting Hin fixing his vespa.

 That's problem.

 and fixed

 As you see in map, if we didnt have propblem, we will ride on No.14 street (Ho Chi Minh st) to Khe Sanh (F). This bridge is where you will turn left to Khe Sanh.

Truck carry wood from Laos to Vietnam.

 Afternoon in Khe Sanh town. View from Nhat Tan hotel, cheap price, have big parking place. :D

Day 6: Khe Sanh town to Phong Nha - Ke Bang (Quang Binh province).
This is our main riding day, we're waiting so long to conquer it. There are 3 ways to goto Quang Binh (G). 
- First choice is 1A national street: main street from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi, very easy to ride and crowded, of course.
- The second choice is East Ho Chi Minh street, near 1A st on map. Road is in mountain, not much people and workshop.
- Third is West Ho Chi Minh street: a military street in the pass, more than 200km with only one place we could buy gas. Local people said we shouldnt ride that way, but that's the reason we can to ride.

 Pass this gate, we can go to Laos.

 Lao Bao prison.

 The begining of West Ho Chi Minh street. So, our adventure begin.

 First 10km, we met local people moving their bike with out gas, we shared.

 Smoggy and nice view.

 A man from Australia having problem with his Minks (from Russia).

 It's all wet wet road.

 and smoggy.

 We must use raincoat to warm up.

 Friend om street, he is from Holand.

 The road is all concrete, very harmful for tyres.

Nearly 10km riding in smoggy like that.


  1. "The begining of West Ho Chi Minh street. So, our adventure begin." --> Real adventure, bro. I like your captions.

  2. Where did you spend the nights?
    Do I have a total for how much this trip cost you?

    1. Hi bro,
      We sleep in mini hotel in place where we stop.
      The trip cost me 600$.

  3. Thanks; can i as a tourist rent a Vespa in VN? Or buy one and sell it at the end of the trip?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Rogier,
      I dont think you can rent a Vespa in VN, it's not a public scooter. But you can buy one and sell it at the end of the trip. A good 198X Vespa PX is nearly 700-1200$ depend on the condition of it.
      I can help you if you want to travel here by vespa.

    3. Mr. Rogier. You are welcome here.

      The Scooterist.

  4. Hmm OK can I as a foreigner legally own and insure a vehicle in VN?
    What time of the year will be best to do this kind of trip?

    1. Best time is June -> October, bro. About Insure, i dont know much, you can ask a group of foreigner live in Ho Chi Minh: