Friday, April 5, 2013

The Mountain Ride 2013 (4000km vespa trip): Day 11 - 12

Main map of our trip. Riding through Vietnam in 14 national street. (Ho Chi Minh street). PLS NOTE THAT HOANG SA and TRUONG SA ISLAND ARE OFF VIỆT NAM, NOT FUCKING CHINA

 Day 11: Đồng Văn town -> Quản Bạ town (M->N)

 Drink coffee in the morning at the very old coffee shop. Coffee is ok but music and waitor here are terrible.

 Mã Pí Lèng pass, one of 4 biggest pass in Vietnam, very high and long. I cant talk anything about this pass, because no world can say about this beautiful.

 Me and my girlfriend Quỳnh Skulls.

 Hin, my brother, riding with me from Saigon.

 My dear,

 The name of that street is HAPPY. When that road was made, it bring Happiess for people in town.

 Wherever i can ride, i ride my girl friend to there.

Day 12: Quản Bạ town -> Sapa town. (N -> O)
It's a long ride and road is normal, nothing is beautiful

Not much pictures on that day.

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