Thursday, May 16, 2013

I shoot film: Vespa in Vietnam

Long time i didnt shoot film. Now, i'm back.


  1. Cant help my self when i saw a good condition vintage vespa in your country,its not surprised vietnam got a good spare parts that my country imported and thailand also,same condition here in indonesia,lot people still use vespa as a common transportation even in worst condition,i heard vietnam also got vespa restoration business,sadly it goes to export outside country/us,europe,it means later less vintage vespa in your country,now same problem here,mostly Bali island got vespa restoration for exported,the unique condition in southeast asia about old scooter,no rules/term for vintage bike/scooter as long u use helmet and it can hit the road even in worst condition then u can ride it :) in other countries they got terms about recycling old transportation,as long u keep it as a junk in backyard if u a collector/picker/etc :) thats why less materials in there/chasis materials mostly that from original

  2. Hi bro,
    Vespa/lambretta business startes a very long time time ago. A lot of good condition/original went outside VN. From year 2000, Vietnamese people knew the beauty of Vespa. Before, they rode it like a transportation.
    A people keep vespa/lambretta. SomeVietnamese collectors bought it. Now not much good condition/original vespa/lambretta are exported. Most are fixed look like a famous model for sale. As you know, it all like shit.