Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Ride 2013 by The Scooterist SC (Part 1)

The road is home.
When we finished our lastest vespa trip "The Mountain Ride 2013" (in 18 days). I had think i must stop travel to focus to work. But i had too much stressing with work, so i'm back to the road.
Another reason, i do my promise with my girl-friend, ride her around Vietnam.
The last reason is we welcome another member into the team: Hoang (Toc).
Here are pictures:

Day 1: Saigon - Buon Me Thuot

It's me.

 Route of Summer Ride 2013

 It's Hin

Hoang with his new vespa

We stop to help the girl with her black bike, out of air in front wheel. She had push it in 10 minutes and 10km ahead to goto the main road where she can find someone to help. Luckily, we had fixed it with our tools.

I'm happy that i could help somebody on the road.

My girl friend, Quỳnh Skulls, she took most pictures in this trip.

Road named 14C (from B to C in map) is very beautiful, empty, forest in two sides.
* Tips from Day 1:
- Road in Binh Phuoc province is still bad.
- There are 2 ways from B->C: by road 14 or road 14C. 14C is more interesting.

Day 2: Buon Me Thuot - Pleiku

* Tips from day 2:
- Ride slow in town: =<40km/h.
- Stay away from local rider.
- Good hotel in Pleiku: Kim Hoan Ngoc - 85 Wuu street, Pleiku.

Day 3: Pleiku - Thanh My town

 Hoang and his girl friend, Ngan.


Packing and ready to go


Photo by: Đá Nguyễn aka The Scooterist, Quỳnh Skulls and HIN.

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