Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Summer Ride 2013 by The Scooterist SC (Part 2)

The road is home.
When we finished our lastest vespa trip "The Mountain Ride 2013" (in 18 days). I had think i must stop travel to focus to work. But i had too much stressing with work, so i'm back to the road.
Another reason, i do my promise with my girl-friend, ride her around Vietnam.
The last reason is we welcome another member into the team: Hoang (Toc).
Here are pictures:

Day 3: Pleiku - Thanh My town

* Tips from day 3:
- Road is very beautiful.
- Road is empty, check the bike carefully before riding there.
- Hotel in Thanh Mỹ town: Dũng Lâm - tt Thạnh Mỹ, Nam Giang, Quảng Nam province. Phone: 05103840048

Day 4: Thanh My town - Da Nang city

You guys should check price of washing in hotel carefully. Washing dusty clothes outside hotel is cheaper. P/S: Doing some crazy thing make us laugh. :D

Downhill 16% make us scare, in Son Tra mountain.

LS2 helmet should sponsor for us. 

* Tip from day 4:
- No tips in this day :D : road is short, beautiful.

Day 5: Da Nang city - Hoi An.

We went to Hoi An at weekend so all hotels are full.

*Tip from day 5:
- Homestay Được Hương - 24 La Hối, An Hội (05103. 863.508).
- Sáu restaurant (home cooking) - 55 Nguyễn Phúc Chu - An Hội (01225.558.014)
Day 6: Hoi An to Cham island
On the way to Cham island.

Julia, student from Germany. So sad that local boat owner had a higher ticket price for foreigner. I had try to talk with him for same price with us but it didnt work. After i told with him a second time, he discount 1/3 of ticket price.

I wrote some tips for sharing on my blog.

Philipp and Julia.

Place where we camp, in Bai Xep (Cham island).

Nice scence in Cham island. Pictures by Quynh Skulls.

Sunset in Cham island.

Back to Hoi An after 1 night sleep outside, in the beach.

Photos by Quỳnh Skulls, Hin and Đá Nguyễn.


  1. great trip with beautiful photos! keep it up

  2. great pics,locations,company and all. greetings from Italia . keep enjoying .