Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Lasting Appeal of the Vintage Lambretta

While the Vespa name is the more recognized marque, many would argue that the vintage Lambretta is the better scooter. While we’re not going to weigh in on one side or the other of that debate, we will say that the vintage Lambretta is a look and a design that has more than stood the test of time. More than that, it’s an iconic shape and brand that scooter builders are trying to emulate to this day. Yet the Lambretta’s mystique remains like lightning: tough to bottle.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nudargo + Vespa Club Limassol - Stop Look Listen

A Transcontinental Vespa Adventure in the Making

Scooter adventurer Alexander Eischeid is taking on North and South America in a big way. His plan is to ride what appears to be a Vespa PX-150 from Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada all the way to Argentina and the southern tip of South America. To say this is ambitious is an understatement, but Eischeild is no stranger to long miles on his scooter. According to his site, he’s put two wheels on pavement in Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, England, Wales, Ireland, Scottland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco, Corsica, Greece and Turkey. More than 62,000 Km (38,525 miles) on his scooter so far. 

Eischeild is making great progress on his adventure — currently riding his way through Mexico. You can follow his adventures on his website, where he says it may take as much as 18 months to complete.

Vespa Primavera - How it's made

1° Trofeo Vespistico della Pedemontana