Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I shoot film

Last year, the 2013. I'm really busy with my new work, a wedding photography. I didnt have time to shoot film. DSLR camera and iphone make everything easy and quickly. But I alway love film color.
If i had free time, i would bring my old camera to the vespa workshop and shooting vespa.


  1. Hi Da,
    Great photos mate .
    Love reading your blog also enjoy iamhin and qskulls web page ..... I have found THE SCOOTERIST very addictive,
    Kindest regards LEN
    P.s do you have any planned trip for 2014!!

  2. Hi bro,
    We have a lot planned trip in 2014.
    - Riding to Cambodia or Thailand.
    - Riding to Danang, join the Vespa Day in Vietnam, April 2014.
    - Riding through Vietnam.
    Thank you for all your kindness word.