Sunday, February 16, 2014

Meet up vespa rider from Romania

It's nice to meet up bro Cristi Turcin, president of Vespa club Romania, and his wife in Saigon.
Again, with vespa the world is very small. Enjoy your trip in Vietnam, bro.
Photo by Quynh Skulls.

From left to right: Hoang, me, Hin, Cristi and wife.


  1. Greetings from Romania!!

  2. #VespaClubRomania

  3. Bro, it was a night to remember, meeting with you and ... riding in Saigon. Vietnam was one of the best riding experince for me. Despite the traffic who looks like Dante Inferno, I feel very safe. In the country side spectacular views you dive in the landscape, riding. And one of a hell experience in Phu Quoc...riding on an airport runways (the old airport is off and use by locals for a shortcut to town, unique :) ) You have a beautiful country, you are good people, keep up the good vibe and work.

    Thanks again, Da, Quinh, Hin and Hoang for your time and experince shared. Hope to see you all, again, soon. Keep in touch