Monday, March 9, 2015

The little 160cc Vespa scooter

1,700 Miles, 2 Countries in 10 Days on this little 160cc Vespa scooter 

"1965 ~ $10 was our total cost for gas, and the most we ever spent for a motel was $5.00. We covered Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, where this photo was taken, New Hampshire, Vermont and Nova Scotia, and to this day, 49 years later, we still consider it the best vacation we've ever taken. The beauty of bopping along on a little puddle jumper like this is we could stop anywhere along the way without having to search for a car-sized parking area, and our entire route was dictated solely by whim alone.
The lady modeling the Vespa Gran Sport, of course is my wife, Sammy, who loved that scooter at least as much as I did. Overall, we've logged over 50,000 miles on a variety of scooters. Our last one was a Honda Helix, the Rolls Royce of scooters at the time, which you can see in the first comment below. I first posted this image about five years ago, but, after a bit of additional processing, I thought it was worth another run-through."


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  1. This picture and uncle Wong. Don't know which is cooler. Both maybe. Please keep them coming, you bring much joy. Thanks.